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Glen Allsop


"My way of doing things is a little different. It's relaxed and hands-off. Particularly come photoshoot time, people get nervous from the pressure of being in front of the camera -- they're not used to it and I'm well aware -- so that's why it's important for me to distract them and treat it as a space to breathe."

Optimistic at every point along the way, Glen shoots weddings with a rare ability to keep a bride and groom feeling calm despite the intensity of their day. With a particular eye for fashion, its no surprise therefore that Glen finds inspiration in legendary New York Times street style photographer Bill Cunningham. "I love his approach to shooting. He never wants to print a bad picture of someone -- he's not into that snarky side of fashion -- and I feel the same way about wedding photography. I want to give people the best, where they look their best." 

Before coming to New York, Glen made a name for himself as a photographer in his native Sydney, Australia. He has worked for a diverse range of clients, including Coca Cola, Issey Mlyake, Australian Fashion Week, Oakvale Vineyard, and Pacific Magazines, as well as Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini track days. Across all of his subjects, it's important for Glen to create an emotional connection to what he captures, never more so than during a wedding. "I like to meet my clients for a drink first, just to chat about anything and everything except a bunch of wedding stuff. It's important to establish that raport."