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august 09 2010

A South Carolina Soiree: The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

photography by: Alison Mayfield

written by: Molly Dembner


Alison and Joe, a New York City couple, fell in love with the idea of having their wedding in this charming South Carolina location. Alison graduated from Duke University, and she and Joe often vacationed in the Carolinas, stopping by to visit her grandparents in nearby Hilton Head.  When they got engaged, a family friend suggested they take a look at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff.  They knew immediately when they saw it that it was the place for them.  Alison loved the simple elegance of the Waterside Chapel and the natural beauty of the resort.  The venue itself was so stunning that she didn’t have to do much in the way of flowers or decor. She was initially concerned about having a wedding in South Carolina in July--can we say humidity?--but the day turned out to be a beautiful 85 degrees, just right for an outdoor cocktail hour.

Alison Mayfield from our studio photographed this wedding, and the bride had this to say about her work: “I was drawn to Alison as a photographer because I had seen some of her photographs and they were like works of art.  They were beautiful in and of themselves.  I thought, how amazing would it be if that were me and my family?”  She loved the romantic look of the photographs that Alison took through the Spanish moss below.



Being from New York, Alison didn’t like the idea of having to drive to the ceremony and the reception venues, so having their guests stay at the resort where both events were taking place was ideal.  Additionally, guests had the option of renting a cottage at the resort that came complete with bikes to ride, which resulted in the fun and whimsical photograph of the groom and groomsmen below.


A special thanks to Alison and Joe for letting us feature their wedding.



Venue: The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

Bridal Gown: Ramona Keveza

Florist: Sue Burden


Ellie about 4 years ago

Ah! Such a beautiful wedding and gorgeous couple! What a way to start the week, thanks for sharing this event Christian.

The groomsmen's transportation to the church? Brilliant!

Jane Want over 3 years ago

Gorgeous wedding and venue! The groomsmen on bikes? Love it!!!

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