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august 30 2010

Laura and Ernesto: A Lively Fete in the City

photography by: Alison Mayfield

written by: Molly Dembner


Laura and Ernesto know how to throw a great party, so when it came to their wedding, what they wanted most was for their guests to have fun.  They chose classic, elegant Capitale in New York City as their reception venue, both for its grand size (it could accommodate all of their guests) and because they had many people coming in from out of town and wanted a space that felt “very New York”.  With the expert guidance of Jung Lee from Fete, they were able to create the wedding of their dreams--a perfect marriage of modern style and fun personal touches.



Tradition was also important to the couple.  Guests danced to the upbeat melodies of a Mariachi band, a tribute to Ernesto’s Mexican heritage.  And, Lee incorporated Ernesto into her venue design quite literally--she created a bar built from $200 Mexican Peso bills with Ernesto’s face in the middle. Modern lounge spaces offered guests some respite from the dance floor, and Lee’s unique centerpieces made from giant Elephant Palm leaves created a canopy under which guests could converse at the dinner table.


The party was such a huge success that at one point a group of friends and family members gathered together on the dance floor and tossed Laura up in the air.  Alison Mayfield from our studio was right there to capture the moment, which resulted in the joyful photograph below.


Laura and Ernesto knew they would have many memorable moments throughout the night, so they were drawn to Alison’s photographs because, as Laura put it, “they have a very intimate, in-the-moment feel, instead of just being stuffy portraits”.  The photographs perfectly captured the sheer joy and elegance of the evening, and they caught the attention of the editors at Brides Magazine, who selected the celebration for their “New York’s Best Real Weddings” feature.


A big thanks to Laura and Ernesto for letting us share their wedding.


Gown: Pronovias
Event Design, Invitations and Flowers: Fete
Music: Harris Lane
Hair and Makeup: John Olavarria


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