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september 29 2010

Darcy and Matt: A Flavorful Garden Celebration

photography by: Shawn Connell

written by: Molly Dembner

When Darcy and Matt got engaged, they knew immediately that they were going to have a unique celebration that would pair their professional talents (they are both artists) with their love of food and entertaining.  Matt works as a Graphic Designer and Darcy is a Fine Artist, so it was important to them to include lots of thoughtful design details throughout their wedding day.  With Darcy's creative input, Matt designed absolutely everything that was printed for the wedding which made for a very personalized and special event.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns turned out to be the perfect setting for their romantic garden celebration.  They wanted an outdoor space with amazing food, and Blue Hill’s sustainable farming and incredible service appealed to them as well.  The location itself was so naturally beautiful that they didn’t have to mold it to a specific theme.  “Instead”, Darcy says “I wanted the color palate to highlight and explore the relationships between the different elements of the wedding: intimate romance, and elegant gardens and farms with a soft but clean edge”.



One of their favorite pieces was their save-the-date dishtowel, because it highlighted the food-centric festivities to come.  Darcy and Matt love to cook together and spend quality time with their friends and family--Matt does the savory cooking and Darcy bakes, so they make a great pair in the kitchen.  For their save-the-date, they purchased dishtowels from Ikea and had them silk-screened with Matt’s design, wrapped in parchment paper and sent with a letter-pressed note.  Guests were sent home after the wedding with a jar of Northwoods Apiaries Wildflower Honey.

100626bredar0001100626bredar0062100626bredar1655100626bredar0068100626bredar0041100626bredar0043100626bredar0046100626bredar0047100626bredar0049100626bredar0051100626bredar0058100626bredar0054100626bredar1675Darcy and Matt were inspired by the flowers in Blue Hill’s gardens as a design motif for their invitations, and combined this with vintage European type ornaments that they found.  Matt created the design and worked with Brooklyn-based Sesame Letterpress to set and print their invitations.


The couple worked with the talented Matthew Robbins to design the flowers and decor, because, as Darcy puts it “I had long coveted his aesthetic talents and color sense”.  Since both Darcy and Matt have a great sense of design, they wanted to work with wedding professionals whose talent they were inspired by and greatly admired.


Shawn Connell and Meredith Davenport from our studio photographed this romantic wedding, and Darcy notes "They told the story of the wedding day with perfection and captured everything from loving glances, to the dip of our first dance, to the full moon!"


Venue and Catering: Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Floral and Event Designer: Matthew Robbins

Graphic Designer: Matthew Poor

Letterpress: Sesame Letterpress

Calligraphy: Ann Vollum Calligraphy

Makeup: Deborah Altizio

Wedding Gown: Christos by Amsale


JasonG Photographer almost 4 years ago

Wow... amazing venue!! Great work!!

Peter Conrey almost 4 years ago

Splendid work, Christian. Keep it coming; I've truly enjoyed your blog lately.

joe almost 4 years ago

Heavenly. Well done.

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