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may 13 2010

Devon and Dan - A Winter Rockstar Wedding

photography by: Christian Oth

written by: Christian Oth


This amazing wedding was recently published on Style Me Pretty. Devon and Dan chose  a country club in Pennsylvania. The first few images here are on the club's property. I photographed this wedding along with Michael Falco and we just had the best time. Have a look:



This wedding took place in early winter. There was no snow expected, but we got lucky and had a light dusting to photograph.



Devon got ready in a log cabin near the reception. It was one of the most amazing wedding preparation sessions I have ever photographed. 


On the morning of the wedding the groomsmen were shooting clay pigeons. Dan had some hidden talents there.



This is one of my favorite pictures of the wedding. I have it in my portfolio now.




The reception was full of great moments. Mike Falco captured the above image.



Another one of Dan's talents is that he is a singer and a rockstar!



You can't have a wedding without fireworks (literally!)



UPDATE: JUNE 18, 2010

The amazingly talented Francesco (Films by Francesco) just posted a short video of Devon's and Dan's wedding.



michele spiezia over 4 years ago

I believe this wedding is where we met!! I'm so glad we did... amazing shots. amazing couple.

Memphis Wedding Photographer over 4 years ago

Absolutely an outstanding series of images. You both did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the day. I'm sure your clients are both very pleased!


Devon over 4 years ago

The most magical weekend of our lives is recreated every time we immerse ourselves in your oustanding photography! Wish we could do it all over again! D&D

clippingimages over 4 years ago

Awesome photographs :O i just loved them

clippingimages over 4 years ago

nice photographs... I really liked them, what a photography!!

Kelvin almost 4 years ago

The image from Mike Falco is amazinggg!!!! Goose bumps!

Cathleen over 1 year ago

AMAZING pics...congratsss!!!!!so yeah Ive been hunting down these pumps and you must be one awesome lady to have been THE owner of them...pls email me I need these and will pay much tribute to you at my wedding :D

wedding photographer kent about 3 years ago

Truly talented work - pictures so natural and unposed I am full of admiration here in the UK. Alastair Pullen

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